5 DIY Natural Remedies for tired eyes

It's not a great start to the morning when you're staggering on into the bathroom of a morning, and all you see looking back at you are tired and exhausted looking eyes. Not the brightest way to start your day but over the years we have discovered simple remedies that can help.

We love to freshen up using remedies that are not only good for us & the earth but they can be done using simple whole food ingredients in your kitchen that act as skin nourishing foods.

If you’re tired, puffy eyes are needing some extra TLC, try our 5 top favourite at Home DIY remedies.

1. BEAUTY SLEEP IS REAL - Believe it or not, not getting enough sleep will contribute to the appearance of those puffy looking eyes. Getting your beauty sleep is a real thing! Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

2. COOL AS A CUCUMBER - If you haven’t tried a facial with cucumber, it’s about time you get on board! The benefits are amazing. Cucumbers have been used for years as a great tool to treat puffy eyes because of their detoxifying and diuretic properties. They contain loads of vitamin c, antioxidants, and flavonoids that can help soothe and support your skin. Pop them in the fridge for extra cooling aid support, the cooling action can help decrease swelling and tighten your skin!

3. GREEN TEA NOURISHMENT - Green teas bags are another incredible at home remedy! The caffeine in green tea will tighten your skin and prevent the excessive accumulation of the fat in the cells under your eyes, a common cause of those dark looking bags under your eyes as you age. To give this one a go place two tea bags in a cup of hot water. Remove and let the tea bags cool to room temperature, then place them on your eyes for 15-30minutes .. make sure you keep your eyes closed!

4. TURMERIC MASK - Turmeric eye masks are another perfect DIY remedy to brighten your under eyes, even out skin tone and decrease any possible skin irritation & inflammation. Here is how to create the perfect paste for a gentle exfoliation. In a small bowl, mix together 1 Tbsp of water and 1 ½ Tbsp of turmeric powder. Apply the paste to your under eyes using a cotton ball. Leave on for 15 minutes and then carefully rinse off. You’ll notice a difference instantly!

5. COFFEE DETOX MASK - Coffee eye masks are another one of our favourites! Whip two teaspoons of ground coffee into an egg white and apply neatly under your eyes. The caffeine acts as a diuretic and will instantly help to reduce any swelling. Give this one a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

6. ESSENTIAL OILS - Although we don't recommend putting undiluted essential oils anywhere near your eyes, you can make a diluted oil using a couple of drops of carrot seed oil (thought to help remove dark circles) and a teaspoon of evening primrose oil. Apply some to your under eye and keep it on overnight.

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