6 Awesome Outdoor Workouts You Can Do

No gym? No problem.

You can get rid of your expensive gym membership and still get a better body workout — outdoors.

Outdoor fitness doesn’t mean you have to quit resistance training all together or stop doing the workout program or routines you have been doing in the gym. All you need is a tweak or improvisation in your workout program.

Outside workouts are mainly functional workouts that can be done in the park, beach or in your own backyard. This is a perfect way to get through plateaus or the monotony of gym exercises and environment. Working out outdoors gives a new perspective and ambiance without compromising effective exercise.

This is a perfect chance to interact with nature while burning calories and strengthening muscle.

You will be surprised; outdoor workouts will challenge you — whatever fitness level you’re on right now. This is mainly because your body will encounter movements you don’t usually encounter in the.

For starters, check out these cool outdoor workout ideas and choose what works best for you.

Before you get started, it is advisable warm up to avoid injury due to cold and stiff muscle strains.

  1. Running on Trails or Hills

This is a common outdoor exercise wherein, inclines and declines on hills or trails work your legs thoroughly, as well as your butt and calves. Moreover, you have to stay mentally engaged to avoid any misstep and imbalances. Focus and awareness is crucial.

  1. Park Bench Exercises
    There are so many exercises you can do using a park bench:Push-ups – focuses on your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and core
    Bench Hops – for your glutes and quads, where you sit on the edge of a bench, throw your arms up as you go and jump in the air as high as you can, then go back to being seated
    Step-ups – targeting your abs and arms as you keep your right foot on a bench, your left foot up and down, bringing your leg to your chest and vice versa
    Bench dips – strengthens your triceps, shoulders and core as you extend arms backward and spread palms on a bench for support bending your elbows and bringing upper arms almost parallel to the ground then return to starting position
    Bench climbers – strengthens your core; you stand a few feet away from a bench, place your hands on the seat facing the bench, then bring your knees to your chest as you run like your heading uphill
  2. Playing Ball Sports
    Variety of ball games such as basketball, volleyball, or soccer can give you a total body strengthening and conditioning workout as well as an excellent high intensity cardio exercise. In addition to this, you can do some drills using these balls as weights, unstable push-ups and others.


  3. Tai Chi
    Tai Chi is an outdoor Chinese traditional practice involving physical-mental connections through a slow, controlled fluid movements and meditation. This practice enhances strength, coordination and eliminates stress. Tai Chi looks deceiving. You might think its easy but you’ll be surprised!
  4. Boot Camp
    Boot camp is a type of fitness programs designed for group physical training. This is an intense outdoor workout to build strength, promote fat loss and encourage team effort.
  5. Rowing and Stand-up Paddling
    Rowing is one of the best workouts to tone your arms, with paddle movement against the resistance of the water.


    Paddle boarding is not that easy as it looks. Standing on the oversized board and paddling the water is a great way to tone your body, core stability and balance.


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