7 New Year’s Resolution Tips

Before the year changes, it is customary to sit down and make a list on how to improve yourself for the coming New Year. These so-called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ are promises to yourself — the changes you need to do, or the good things you need to continue doing for you to achieve the better version of yourself.

Here are some pieces of advice on the most typical New Year’s resolutions.

1. Get In Shape

Getting fit and healthy requires commitment and discipline. It’s easy to start with natural food diet and exercise. But you must have a decent program that can sustain you in a long run. Avoid fast track losing weight program, and other fitness mistakes to make the best out of your resolution.

2. Go Organic

Going organic is quite tricky when you are surrounded with junk food from fast food chains and restaurants. Focus on weaning yourself gradually. Taking it slowly but surely in way that it’s manageable is the best way.

3. Quit Smoking

This is one of the hardest habits to kick. You need to dedicate all of your will power to give up cigarettes once and for all. Trial and error is essential in most cases. One tip is to determine your specific addiction — e.g. oral fixation, nicotine effects, the image of looking ‘cool’ — whatever it is, you must recognize and acknowledge it. Knowing yourself is a powerful tool in making drastic lifestyle changes.

Another powerful tip is to replace smoking with another “addiction”. Make that new addiction a healthy one.

4. Strengthen Social Skills And Relationships

Your life can get hectic and you might tend to put social life aside. This weakens your relationships and diminishes your social aptitude.

The best way to recover is to start making a list of people important to you, remember important dates, and make effort to connect with them. Be specific with your lists. As for improving your social skills, commit to new environment that sparks your interest. Join classes, a gym membership perhaps, or just about anything that would give you an opportunity to be with like-minded people.

5. Get More Time To Relax

Stress will result to obesity, insomnia, depression and worst of all — serious heart disease. Adult life is stressful and stress is unavoidable. Stress management is the key to a better life.

The best way to do it is to compartmentalize things or activities that give you stress away from the things, places, or activities that relax you. For instance, make your home a better place to relax in by designing it well and make sure that you don’t bring work home with you. If you have to, have a separate room for your work.

6. Travel Across The Globe

A very common New Year’s Resolution — this can only be achieved if you have the means. So make sure you are able to save money for the trip. Learn how to get discounts online and book early so that you stay committed on your planned trip.

7. Stop Procrastinating

The only way to stop from procrastination is to make a definite plan and specific deadline. Write it down and make a schedule on how to achieve the ultimate goal — the more specific the better. Vagueness is the main reason why people procrastinate.


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