8 Awesome Herbs To Grow

You’re maybe familiar with most herbs. You may grow some of them in your garden. For sure, you know that many of these herbs offer various health benefits, distinctive flavors, and fascinating aromas. Perhaps you are now enjoying such wonderful gifts of nature in one way or another.

Eventhough you’re acquainted with most of them, there are still other herbs (some are fairly uncommon) that you may not have encountered or even know.

Considering the number of herbs in the world, it’s natural to miss out on some herbs with powerful health benefits.

Here are some of them:

Toothache Plant

Spilanthes oleracea or better known as ‘toothache plant’ grows 12 – 18 inches tall and has oddly-shaped flowers resembling that of miniature eyeballs. It should be planted on an area with adequate sunlight.

The leaves of this herb are valued for their peppery taste, perfect in most salads. Aside from that, the plant is known as the ‘toothache plant’ for the reason that if you chew the leaves, your mouth goes numb thus reducing some mouth pain.

Stevia Herbal Plant

Stevia rebaudiana grows 1 to 2 feet tall under the sun and in a moist, well-draining soil.

It was discovered that their leaves are several times sweeter than sugar canes. That’s why once mature, its leaves can be harvested, dried and crushed into a powder and used in lieu of a regular sugar.

Perilla Herbs

Perilla herb, also known as Shiso has two types, red and green. The seeds grow well during spring and after 70 days, the herb is ready to harvest.

Red Perilla has an anise-like flavor, while green perilla has a cinnamon-like taste. In some Asian countries like Japan, green perilla is commonly used in sushi, soups, and tempura. Some mixed with rice for added flavor.

While in Korea, they marinate the herb and used as a wrap for barbecue or eaten raw in salads.

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Lovage Plant

Levisticum officinale grows 4 feet tall under a full sun or partially shaded lot and in a moist, well-draining soil. It has a yellow and umbel- shaped flowers.

Many mistaken this herb with parsley for both have the same flat leaves but the taste is somewhat like of celery.

French Sorrel

French Sorrel or Oseille ronde or Rumex scutatus is a perrenial herb which prefers a sunny lot. It grows upto 30 cm in height.

It has a taste of a lemon and usually used in most pasta recipes and in some cooked dishes.

Vietnamese Coriander

Vietnamese mint or Persicaria odorata is a tropical perrenial herb with a distinct letter V marked on its leaves. It grows well in a well-drained pot under the sun, which can be brought inside during winter season.

It has a hot spicy flavor in which is a good addition to stir fries, curries and other types of food.


Tarragon herb is known for its sweet aroma and licorice-flavored leaves. It is most often mixed in vinegars and added as a seasoning in salads.

Winter Savory

Winter savory plant with a scientific name of Satureja montana is a hardy perennial herb which resembles thyme in appearance. It grows 6 to 12 inches tall and produces small pinkish white flowers.

It bears spicy flavor and is added in most herb mixes and in meat dishes.

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