All About Bra Size – Why You Need To Have A Good-Fitting Bra For Your Health’s Sake

Most women buy bras for aesthetics. More often than not, women just want to look and feel sexy and bras are women’s favorite item to use for expressing their sexuality.

Women are especially partial to those which are made of lace, net and underwired. Unfortunately, women tend to buy wrongly-sized bras just to achieve a certain feel or look.

It is very important that you should pick the right bra size. At first, the size seems like not a big deal at all but the effectiveness is hugely dependent on the size.


Wearing Of Tight Bras

Women thought that the tighter the bra, the better it is going to be. Yes, it’s true that tight bras give the support and possibly provide nice-looking shape to your breasts.

But then again, tight-fitting bras can also give you the following:

  1. Headache
    Bras that are too tight cause tension on your shoulders, neck and back; thus giving you a headache.
  1. Breast Pain
    Tight-fitting bras can cause uncomfortable breast pain because of too much pressure on pressing and lifting — just to pop them up to give a full shape.
  2. Breast Cancer
    A recent study at the Harvard University has found out that wearing very tight bras can restrict blood circulation and disturb the normal flow of the lymph fluid to the breast. Lymph fluid is responsible for washing out toxins in the breast and if bras are too tight, such action is inhibited, toxins will accumulate in the breast in the form of a lump and cancer will start to develop.
  3. Anoxia
    Women who wear tight bras for more than 12 hours or even at sleep, are prone to have anoxia (below normal oxygen level). Anoxia is related to fibrosis which can also lead to breast cancer.

Wearing Of Loose-Fitting  Bras

On the other hand, loose-fitting bras can damage the breast size and shape which will result to:

  1. Saggy Boobs
    If your busts don’t get enough support, it can cause the ligaments to stretch which ultimately resulted to the sagging of your boobs.
  1. Skin Abrasions
    Wearing too big of a bra for your bust, tend to tighten the strap to make it fit to your size. And strap tightening can create red marks, blisters around the breast and shoulder pain.
  1. Poor Posture
    Loose bra, especially if yours is a little bigger than normal, can’t provide enough support and so can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain which if it continues, will ruin your posture.

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