Common Mistakes In Doing Exercises

Working out is beneficial for the body, no one would disagree from that. Doing it regularly and properly can only mean physical (and psychological) betterment.

Regular exercise tones muscles, balances mood, and enhances energy level.

That is why many would invest at a gym membership, and would commit in diet plans.


But there is a downside…

Wrong kind of information is everywhere and you might be doing your exercises or fitness programs incorrectly.

Bad form, wrong approach in exercise, and erroneous diet programs can detrimental and even dangerous.

Keep in mind that here are some exercises which are not only unnecessary, but also unsafe, and their claims are untrue.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of health and fitness instructors doing their best to give smart and safe workout regimens.

Read the following  list to avoid executing common mistakes during workout.


  1. Over-committing

This habit can lead to mental overload and physical injuries.

Bear in mind, fitness knows no short cut. It requires discipline and passion. If you are out of shape, don’t start doing hardcore stuff. Respect your body and start slowly but surely.

Set realistic goals and work your way up gradually.


  1. Gadget Reliance

Apps or downloadables are helpful but careful with these apps and downloadables as they may lead to injuries and dissatisfaction.

Another thing with apps and gadgets, they mostly exist as blatant advertising of different health and fitness products with outlandish promises. They are surely appealing but aren’t effective at all. Most of them are just a waste of money, or worse, may even send you to the hospital.

It is better to consult with a qualified health and fitness practitioner to know the right and necessary equipment for you.


  1. Same Old Routine

You may tend to settle on comfortable exercises you do in a daily basis. They were once a challenge to you but then, had become easier as you gain strength and endurance.

Getting used to but sticking with the same routine may lead to overworked muscles and weakening the parts which aren’t getting enough attention.

The advice on this, is to mix things up to keep all of your muscles strong and boost your endurance at the same time.


  1. Sauna / Sweat Suits

If you want to lose weight, many health coaches find plastic suits and other sweat-inducing wearables ridiculous. They are ineffective and can also lead to serious health problems like dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses which can be life threatening.

It is still advisable to always wear breathable loose clothing when working out and stay hydrated to allow your body’s natural cooling mechanisms do their job.

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