Hair And Skin Care This Fall

As summer fades away and the air is getting drier, your hair and skin start to become dull too. During fall season, it is important to switch to a different beauty regimen best suited for the season.

For Your Skin

  1. Exfoliate, Moisturize And Hydrate.

Select natural products to exfoliate your skin, at least every other day or twice a week. Dead skin cells can deter absorption of any moisturizing creams or serums, which are badly needed to keep your skin from dryness.

Opt for facial serums. They are fast-absorbing and efficient. It delivers high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants which help improve the appearance of aging skin.

Stay hydrated to make your skin look at its best by moisturizing and softening your skin with oil, especially facial oils. They are packed with hydrating fatty acids and feel very light. They prevent flakiness and dryness of the skin.

These beauty regimens will make your skin refreshed and radiant during this time of the year.

  1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day.

Continue using beauty products and moisturizing creams with SPF to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays especially the face which is exposed most of the time.

  1. Diet

Drink plenty of water so your skin will not succumb to autumn dullness. Take organic food supplement to boost your immune system. Go for food rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to help you go through from season to season.

  1. Avoid Harsh Products.

Avoid using products like abrasive pads or wipes, harsh facial scrubs that have ground ‘pits’ – these are sharp and irritating to the skin. Use only smooth beads like jojoba, ground nut shells and stone fruit pits.

Don’t use skin products with alcohol, lanolin, cinnamic aldehyde or formaldehydes. They can add to dryness, irritation and can aggravate acne and eczema.

For Your Hair

  1. Trim And Color

    Fall is usually the best time to trim the damaged ends of your hair done by the sun. This is also the best time to try different shades of hair color like golden honey, chocolate brown, or similar hues that may reflect radiance and not turning brassy.

  1. Deep Conditioning

    Apply hair conditioners every week or so to stay away from brittleness and dryness of your hair. Use keratin treatment to smoothen hair.

For Your Make-up

  1. Switch to make up products containing Vitamin B3-niacinamide, as well as glycerin and tripeptide concentrate for a healthy trend. Some are into products containing mineral oil, but they tend to clog pores and cause blemishes.
    It is also recommended to use water resistant and powder based cosmetic products.
  1. Pick nail polishes and eye shadows with season’s hottest colors like mauves, olives, espressos, greens, copper and grays.
  2. For your natural lips, use products with beeswax and sunflower oils as a hydrating balm to avoid sore and chapped lips.
  3. Wear neutral make up to give you a naturally, fabulous look.
  4. Light and subtle shades of blushers are in this season.

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