Health And Beauty Benefits Of Acai Berry

Superfoods — you know them and you need to try all of them.

You probably have grown some of them in your own garden. Some have made a business out of them and at the same time experiencing the numerous health benefits they provide.

Every year, more and more organic products with marvelous effects to your health are being discovered. One of the most notable in recent memory is the Acai Berry.

What Is Acai Berry?

Acai berry is somewhat similar to grapes in appearance – small, circular and dark purple. The Acai palm trees grow in Central and South America mostly in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil.

Acai berry is famous for its great concentration of antioxidants, reason why it is carefully harvested and meticulously processed into different supplemental and treatment products.

As a matter fact, Acai berry has a very high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC).

ORAC, to put it simply, is how well or substantial the antioxidants (of a certain food) act to neutralize harmful free radicals. It has more than the double antioxidants than blueberries and almost ten times more than that of grapes.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Acai Berry?

Many got obsessed with Acai berry for the following reasons:

  1. It prevents cancer.
  2. Helps to neutralize the by-products of fat burning, thus ensures the body to burn fats consistently.
  3. It is excellent for cardio health.
  4. It reduces age-related cognitive deterioration.
  5. Its fibers assist in your digestion preventing any digestive disturbances.
  6. Its high essential fatty acids strengthen your nervous system.
  7. It contains amino acids for muscle strength and endurance.
  8. It is a great source of some minerals and vitamins for your immune system.

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Acai Berry?

For years, Acai berry has been popularly consumed for maximum utilization of its amazing benefits to human body. And now, its oil has been desired to incorporate in a number of cosmetics and beauty products; and is actually available in the market.

Facial and Body Creams

Acai berry’s anti-inflammatory properties are great help for those with acne. Vitamins A,B,C and E revitalize your skin, cure damaged skin cells and restore moisture.

It is also known to treat skin hyperpigmentation due to excess production of melanin. It protects your skin against UV damage, pollution and other stressors.

It is a great anti-aging product without causing any further skin irritations, especially with acne outbreaks.

Hair Products

Acai berry contains zinc which is essential in strengthening your hair from roots to tips and keeping your hair to look shiny. The natural dark-purple color of Acai berry gives a soft shade to some hairs.

Skin Therapy Products

Skin care treatments with Acai are widely used to help skin look great and beautifully healthy. You can even create your own Acai treatments by crushing the berries and apply topically on the skin for ultimate oxidation.


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