Healthy Halloween Treats – Organic Candies

Trick-or-treating is one event which kids love and enjoy to do during Halloween. They love dressing up into different costumes, doing face painting and applying scary makeup.

Children are very excited to hop from one house to another, doing tricks or collecting candy treats. Speaking of candy treats, every year you usually prepare candies just bought from nearby grocery stores or candy shops to avoid any hustle-bustle during halloween.

The only concern with buying these packed candies is that they may contain ‘scary’ artificial ingredients and can cause food allergies, tummy ache, or even food poisoning.  So it is very important to read the label and scrutinize each ingredient listed before purchasing.

One suggestion is to try other candy treat alternatives — ones without artificial colors and additional flavoring, but still satisfy your kids sugar fix and cravings. Top on the list are organic candies.

Organic candies may not be calorie-free but at least they are made from wholesome organic ingredients which may trick your tastebuds but wouldn’t increase your waistline and harm your kid’s health. Plenty of organic candies are already available in the shelves, prepacked and ready to eat.

Here’s some helpful information about organic candies:

Chocolate – Coated Cacao Nibs
These candies are made from 70% organic dark chocolate and organic cacao nibs. These offer a higher amount of anti-oxidants which are naturally found in cacao.

Other superfood – such as goji berries, mulberries and banana — are added for more pack to the punch .

Organic Gummy Animals
These colorful and chewy sweets are made from fruit extracts, rice syrup and grass-fed gelatin. The products provide great value of Vitamin C and are in different flavors to suffice your kid’s cravings.

You can use any molder to create different shapes and forms to add excitement to the kids as they eat their gummy candies.

Organic Jelly Beans
These small bean-shaped sugar candies are made from organic ingredients such as evaporated cane sugar, tapioca, sunflower oil and fruit concentrate — like lemon, grapefruit, cherry, strawberry and grapes. They are with soft candy shells and thick gel interiors.

They come in a variety of colors and flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Organic Licorice Sweets
Organic Licorice is allergen-free, chemical-free and is made with organic molasses granules, evaporated cane juice, anise and fennel essential oils.

Organic Lollipops
These organic lollipops are gluten-free, made with evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup and fruits. Some add a little herb for healthy flavoring.

Coconut and Dark Chocolate Bar
This is a very simple-made choco bar with natural ingredients – unsweetened and shredded coconut, dark chocolate, coconut oil and honey. The honey is sweet enough for the whole mound of bar.

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