Homage To Rose Hydrosol

It is quite likely that this guy is one of the most under-appreciated, highly working liquids out there. Not only will rose hydrosol cleanse your skin, work as a natural setting spray over your makeup, remove makeup, prevent wrinkles, reduce puffiness, balance PH levels and even add add an intriguing flavor to your favorite sweet deserts, it has also been known to help heal scars and clear dandruff – all whilst smelling like a walk through a rose garden in the early morning mist.


True rose hydrosol (not to be confused with rosewater) is produced by collecting the steam from brewing thousands of luscious rose petals. For this reason it smells more earthy (and much more heavenly in my opinion). I met a glowing 65 year old woman one day who looked 15 years younger and she confessed rose hydrosol was her secret – I’m hoping it works the same for me.

It stimulates the skin making it perfect for an early morning wake up aid – this is not only useful but ESSENTIAL if you are like me and could sleep through fireworks (this has actually happened). It is a great re-fresher throughout the day too and a good one to pop into your gym bag so you can go back to feeling damn good after having your butt kicked in spin class. With added flower essences to help you get up, go out and feel invigorated we’ve created a pretty potent combo with our rose mist.

*caution: rose hydrosol use can be addictive. It’s THAT good. You’ve been warned…

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