How To Apply Our Infusions

Our 4 roll on infusions are for use on your pulse points. When you apply our beautiful infusions here, it is assimilated by your body quickly and effectively.

Your own metabolism will decide how long your scent stays on your skin. Our infusions are designed for their therapeutic benefits and the scent is not designed to linger on the skin all day. To achieve maximum benefit from our infusions we recommend using them a few times a day as you wish. This way, you will achieve the greatest mind body benefits.

As soon our infusions are applied it’s important to take a big deep inhalation and feel as though you are sending the breath all through your body. When essential oils are inhaled through the nose, tiny nerves send an immediate signal to the brain and go straight to work on the systems that moderate our minds and bodies.

Where to apply our roll on’s:

– Behind your ears
– Inner wrist
– Temples.

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