How to Fall Asleep Fast 2023

If you spend more time trying to fall asleep than sleeping, these may be the tips and tricks you need. From aromatherapy to specific herbs and ingredients, we have shortlisted a few tips and ticks we have found to be most effective in helping you sleep. As usual, everything we recommend is natural, so there’s no need to think about getting a prescription for sleeping tablets!

We love the effectiveness of adaptogens to help our bodies process and deal with stress throughout the day, but they can also help us at nighttime. Mushrooms are a curious way to help yourself get to sleep, and their growth in popularity is a testament to their effectiveness. Two varieties in particular - Lion’s Mane and Reishi, are known for their ability to help with sleep.

Reishi mushrooms’ immunomodulatory properties also help the body deal with and process external stressors. Along with this, studies have demonstrated the components in Reishi promote a sedative quality that can help support restful sleep.

Lion’s mane is another mushroom that can assist with sleep, as a 2015 study showed. This study on Japanese female university students suffering from stress and disrupted sleep concluded that Lion’s Mane effectively reduces stress and alleviates insomnia. Unlike Reishi, this mushroom can be taken throughout the day and does not need to be taken straight before bed.

Melatonin is a supplement you may have heard of before, but it is only just gaining popularity. It’s a hormone related to sleep control and is often taken to prevent jet lag. Prescriptions are available for high doses; otherwise, you can buy this over the counter.

Valerian is another supplement that has been traditionally used for its ability to help with sleep. It is particularly effective when combined with magnesium which may also help improve sleep quality by having a calming effect. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, so taking a magnesium salt bath or using magnesium oil is a great way to get the benefits.

Essential oils
We are obviously a huge fan here, but essential oils are a very effective way to treat adults and children. You can use oils in humidifiers or as room mists, but we find the best way to use them is diluted on your pulse points. We combined our most effective essential oils into our Dream roll-on, our bestselling product.

Other tricks
Hot foot bath: Soak your feet in hot water. You can stop the soak once you’ve started to break out in a slight sweat, which (according to Chinese medicine) means that the body’s stagnant energy channels have become unblocked.

Tea is also a helpful sleep aid, with chamomile or lavender our favourites. Warm almond milk with a pinch of ground nutmeg (known for its calming effects) can also help.

Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before you go to bed. If there is something on your mind, try to journal before you go to sleep to get it out of your head and onto some paper.

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