How To Improve Mental Health Through Nutrition And Exercise

Mental health is the state of psychological well-being which includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

It affects your way of thinking, how you feel, how you respond, how you cope, and how you interact with others.

So, keeping your mind healthy at every stage of your life is very important, from childhood, to adolescence and to adulthood and even later years of life.

People with strong positive type of mentality often have richer and successful lives. Mental fitness strengthens your ability to have quality relationships. It helps you go for better life choices. You handle the ups and downs of life with with relative ease, stability, and pridence. Mentally healthy people often reach their true potential.

In short, mentally healthy people have better quality of life.

How To Have A Good Mental Health?

There are plenty of mental, physical, and nutritional ways to keep your mind sharp, calm, creative and in a healthy condition. Read on and know what you can do.

Proper Nutrition Keeps Your Mind Working

Your brain will work at its best if you have proper nutrition. Here’s how…

To start, you should always have a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast has been known as the most important meal of the day. But not just that, morning meal is now considered as the best meal for your brain.

Foods for the brain like avocados, nuts, fruits and veggies; olive oil, and antioxidant-rich foods can improve focus, enrich memory and initiate progressive decisions. Include them in your breakfast to keep your mind working.

Physical Exercises Improve Brain Functions

We are not talking about heavy gym work or intense resistance training. Simple physical activities are enough to increase blood circulation through out your body and mind.

20 minutes of exercise is enough. 5 days per week of moderate exercise is sufficient for optimal brain function.

Simple sport exercises like swimming, biking, hiking or playing tennis and golf stimulate mental coordination with your body. They keep your mind in alert status and work on to finish each session or match with a great feeling of fulfillment at the end.

Tai chi is a graceful way of stretching the body, and its best done in the morning. Stretching the body increases your flexibility and oxygenates the brain.

Yoga influences your brain through calmness and allows positive thoughts to overflow into your mind. As your mind absorbs good thoughts, you will start feeling relieved and inspired.

Creative Challenges For Your Brain

By doing activities new to you, you will stimulate your mental faculties and increase your brain capacity through analyzing and critical decision-making.

Music, languages, and arts are best example to stimulate and challenge your mind. You willl be tested as you learn how to play different musical instruments, speak and understand new languages, and learn the art of photography, film making, painting or pottery.

Board games are quite challenging too. Traveling and taking a dip in different cultures are great ways to move out from your comfort zone as well.

Brain Supplements

These supplements will not only suffice your daily nutritive requirements but will also prevent some severe mental diseases which can rob your chance to live a great life.

Omega-3, B-vitamins, vitamin E, C and lecithin — these are necessary for mental health. Also take some natural products like green tea, matcha, kombucha, and grape seed extract to combat cancer-causing free radicals and other toxins.

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