How To Make A Coconut Oil Eye Mask For Dark Circles – DIY Beauty Tip!

Coconut oil is one of the most favored oils for beauty and skin care. It is more popularly known as an effective natural skin moisturizer.

But not so many people know about the other positive effects of coconut oil to the skin apart from moisturizing. Coconut oil can reduce the appearance of fine lines and lighten blemishes. It is especially effective in lightening dark circles around your eyes.

Here’s A Do-It-Yourself Coconut Oil Eye Mask For Dark Circles

You will only need these ingredients.

  1. 1 Bag of Green Tea
  2. 30 ml of Evening Primrose Oil; you can use different oils but Evening Primrose oil is really good for dark circles.
  3. 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  4. Carrot Seed Oil


What you are going to do first is to melt the coconut oil with the green tea. So you can do this in a microwave if you absolutely must but preferably, you should do it on your stove.

So you going to do that for about ten minutes until nice extracts coming from coconut oil, it is green in color.

Mix the extract with the Evening Primrose oil, and then add one or two drops of carrot seed oil. Put the mixture in a glass container and eventually when the coconut oil cools down it will set into a kind of a coconut gel.

That’s it!

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