Matcha Green Tea Face Mask DIY – Exfoliate Face Naturally

Today we are going to be making a Matcha Face Mask. This, again, is super easy, You probably already have the ingredients at home.

Matcha, on the other hand, can be hard to find. You can get it from a health food store. Otherwise, buy it online and that’s quite easy.

Making The Mixture:

  • All you need is about 2 teaspoons of matcha powder and just a few drops of Aloe Vera gel which is very beautiful and beneficial for your skin.
  • Put Aloe Vera in the matcha powder to create a mixture.
  • Stir it around until you get that really nice consistency.


  • Just like any other face mask, just apply it on your face with a clean brush (or your fingers will do).
  • Leave it on for at least 15 minutes. You can go longer if you want.
  • Just wash it off when you are done.

And that’s it. It’s a s easy as that — The Matcha Green Tea Face Mask.

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