Soup Detox. Cleansing The Body Through Souping.

Detoxing (detox) and cleansing started decades ago and now, they have become so popular and highly recommended.

The process usually utilizes fresh, natural products to eliminate harmful toxins and it is very appealing to many. Moreover, detox and cleansing diets are often nutritious and packed with essential antioxidants.

Cleansing diets nowadays come in different shapes and forms. There is a specific diet made to improve a particular organ or body system. There are also cleansing diets made specifically for weight loss and general health improvement.

Perhaps the most popular way to detox is through juicing. Simple and ease of preparation are its major pros. Another popular method is through souping or ‘soup detox’ and this cleansing method is trending at the moment.

A lot of people divert to soup as a replacement for juicing because of the following reasons:

Soup As A Healthy Diet

Soups are always considered an excellent meal during cold winter days, rainy season or if you’re not feeling well. It is best served hot so you will not feel bloated or sluggish, but it can be served cold as well. Soup for cleansing includes ingredients like fruits and vegetables, grains and other add-ons. Ready-made soups are also available in the market if you don’t have enough time to buy raw and cook.

Different varieties of soups provide enough carbohydrates and retain most of the fiber for good digestion and because you’re really eating food, it won’t leave you feeling hungry.

If you are concerned with the amount of sugar from fruits, go for vegetable-based soups. Higher contents of protein are maintained in detox soups.

There are also soup detox programs which require strict compliance to the plan. This can be daunting but the effectiveness is undeniable. So if you are down with scheduled soup eating and programmed grocery shopping, choose this method.

However you can always prepare your own and experiment. It can be fun this way.

For more satisfying yet incredibly healthful soup diet, avoid adding white flour pasta and processed meat. One suggestion is to use bone broth as soup base. It helps joint health and repair, reduces inflammation and more.

Remarkably Affordable

It is more economical to prepare soup. It is less expensive and produces less waste than juicing. In making fruit juices, usually pulps are not included, making a glass of juice with more sugar.

This is also very easy to prepare and does not require complicated steps. Just choose your favorite ingredients, herbs and spices for flavoring and, voila, a hearty soup meal.

Ingredients can be bought in the market, fresh and naturally grown. And if you have space and time, you can even grow in your own garden.

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