Ventosa Massage – How It Works

Stress, strains, and chronic pains are very prevalent nowadays. This is the main reason why natural relief is in very high demand. Getting a massage is perhaps the most popular natural solution.

One wonderful method that’s becoming trendy today particularly among movie stars, athletes, and celebrities is the Ventosa Massage or also known as Cupping Therapy. It’s recently popular, but it’s really nothing new.

Cupping therapy has long been practiced in Chinese medicine, were used by ancient Egyptians and other cultures — in the Middle East and other European and Asian countries. Today, this alternative therapeutic method has been modified into several varieties but the original philosophy remains.


Ventosa massage is a type of deep-tissue massage wherein a licensed practitioner place special cups – glass, bamboo, earthenware, or silicone – on your skin for a few minutes to expand capillaries and increase the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues.

Cupping methods are performed in so many ways. One most common is the fire cupping in which your therapist will put alcohol, herbs, paper on the cup and set it on fire. As the fire goes out, cups are place upside down on your skin.

The hot air cools down creating a vacuum inside the cup. This causes your skin to rise as it is being sucked up. Your skin reddens as your blood vessels expand. Generally, the cup is left on skin for about 3 minutes. The modern version of this method utilizes a suction rubber pump instead of fire to create a vacuum.

Cupping is commonly used along with massage and acupuncture for effective results. The therapist uses silicone cups. They apply essential oil or cream on the skin and slide the cups on the areas need to be treated then massage with the cup– usually the back part.

Another method is the wet cupping. This is also known as Hijama or medicinal bleeding. This approach creates a mild suction by leaving the cup in place for 3 minutes then the therapist will remove the cup and make a light, tiny cut on your skin. Next is to draw out a small quantity of blood through a second suction.

You may need an antibiotic ointment and bandage after this session to prevent infection. Within 10 days your skin should look normal again.

You might experience some side effects on your skin after each Ventosa/Cupping session. It is normal to have mild discomfort, burns, or bruises on the areas where the cups touch your skin. Bruises will last for a few days to a couple of weeks but are rarely painful.

Effectiveness And Safety

There are few studies to support the benefits of cupping therapy and definitely to say that it works. But many have spoken about cupping’s positive effects which include: improvement in circulation, pain relief, inflammation reduction, general relaxation and well-being. It is said that it also improves digestion and removes harmful toxins.

Cupping is generally safe but it is always a good idea to your doctor before indulging yourself in any kind of alternative medicine.

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