11 Breakfast Meals Around The World

Ideally, you should eat breakfast to start your day right – gives you energy, satisfies your appetite and keeps you sharp.

Experts agree, skipping morning meals is not a good idea. You might experience hypoglycemia. It can catch you by surprise, before you know it, you already have the awful symptoms of low blood sugar.

Skipping breakfast would almost surely set you up for overeating — particularly during lunch. Overeating is never a good thing. It makes you crave the bad stuff and makes you eat the more than you can effectively metabolize, thus making you fat.

Food is a huge part of culture and you are certainly curious of what other countries have for their breakfast meals.

Let’s take closer look at various kinds of breakfast culture around the world.

United States

Breakfast foods may vary from one state to another but the most popular in the States are set of pancakes, bacon or sausages and eggs. Cereals and a toast with butter and jelly also top the list.

These are usually accompanied with a glass of milk, a cup of coffee or any juice.


Most Australians love the classic Vegemite spread-and-toast combo. They also love muesli with yogurt, bacon and egg rolls. These are likely to be topped with cheese or barbecue sauce.


Top French breakfast foods are croissant or baguette; and coffee or a glass of juice. They would usually dip buttered bread into their coffee.


Traditionally, Japanese include a bowl of miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetable, fish and omelet in their savory and simple breakfast – and, of course, with a cup of green tea.


Breakfast in Italy is very light and simple: a yummy brioche or cornetto stuffed with chocolate, jam or cream; and a strong cup of cappuccino or espresso.


Young Germans are delighted to have simple breakfast like cereals, while their folks would still go for assorted fresh breads with many different spreads such as butter, marmalade, honey and cheese.


Common comfort food and daybreak entry in China is the congee or known as rice porridge. Congee could be eaten plain or usually topped with some meat or vegetables to make it more interesting to eat.

Dim sum, bao zi (dough buns with vegetables or meat fillings), you tiao (fried dough sticks) and warm soya milk are very popular in some regions of China for their basic breakfast meals.


Traditional breakfast served for most Brazilians are eggs, toasts, cereals and fruits. They enjoy having strong coffee and milk to go along with these foods.

Feijoada thick soup is cook in some areas of Brazil. This is usually served hot with other pastries such as pão d’água and banana sponge cake.


A common morning meal in India is a tray filled with chutneys, variety of dips, flat bread (roti), thin crepes (dosas) or steamed rice-dough pancakes (idlis). Some love to add spiced potatoes.


In Korea, their daylight meals are somewhat the same with their lunch and dinner. There’s the all-time favorite kimchi, accompanied with rice, soup, fish or beef and several side dishes.

Sometimes leftover foods from the previous night’s dinner are served.


Filipinos are fond of what they call “Silog” combos. Silog means “Sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg)”.

Silog is then added with a main “ulam” (dish) which is usually any kind of cured meat or sometimes fish. This is where it can get creative. For example, “Tapsilog” is Tapa (fried cured beef) combined with Silog. Another is “Cornsilog” which is Corned beef with Silog. The list can go on and on but there are about 4 to 5 popular Silog combos that are unanimously embraced by the Filipinos.

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