4 Tips In Improving Exercise Motivation And Consistency

There are going to be days that you are just not up for anything — chores you don’t want to do, paperworks you do not want to touch, and yes, exercises you do not want to perform. Even the most active individuals have these kinds of days.

Of course, these fluctuations are part of your life. But you would not want to miss a workout day, right?

So apart from taking risky pre-workout supplements, what can you do to shake off that lethargic feeling? What can you do, naturally, to make you feel energized and inspired to exercise?

Go For A Walk

If you don’t feel like running on a treadmill, then don’t! Don’t force yourself lifting weights in the gym if you don’t have the desire to lift. Well, at least not yet.

Instead, go for a walk. A 15-minute brisk walk is enough to take your body outside its normal comfort zone. This will warm you up, boost your circulation, lubricate your joints and eventually will improve movements.

Active Wear: Wear Them Already, Or At Least Have Them Within Reach

I know a lot of people already wearing their gym clothes for sleeping if they intend to work out in the morning. This helps reinforce their intention and it makes preparations easier.

When you wake up in the morning, just get up, gargle and grab your gym bag then proceed to the gym without thinking of anything else. How’s that?

The most consistent exercisers have active wear or exercise gear in their cars, offices or just about anywhere they frequent. The idea is to have something grab when you feel the need to go and break a sweat.

Exercise Anywhere Mindset

Don’t limit yourself to the gym. Learn the ability to exercise anywhere.

You can exercise at home, in your office, at the park… virtually anywhere. If you are clear with your fitness goals and have researched well on how to achieve them, you will discover that the gym is not the only place to get fitter.

Play Sports, Make Things Interesting

Playing sports is rather different from doing exercises but somehow it achieves the same thing — it keeps you active and fit. This also includes taking up hobbies that are rather physical in nature — i.e. hiking, parkour.

Sometimes you can get passionate doing these things. You might tend to focus on them for a couple weeks or months especially during the times you find yourself bored with your fitness routine.

The good thing about them is that you can always stop and go back playing these sports and doing these hobbies anytime. They change things up but you still get your work out.

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