8 Essential Health And Beauty Benefits Of Amazing Aloe Vera

When it comes to health and beauty, the natural ways are often the best. Extracts from the aloe vera plant have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and science is now backing up the claims made on its behalf. You’ve probably seen the goopy gel – but what can it actually do for you?

1) Helps Digestion

Aloe vera juice makes a refreshing drink which also has several health benefits. It contains enzymes which help your body break down fats and sugars,increasing the efficiency of your digestive system. This means you gain more nutrition from the foods you eat. Aloe vera is also thought to be helpful for reducing heartburn, stomach cramps, and the unpleasant symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. You can buy aloe vera and mint capsules to take when you have an upset tummy.

2) Better Detox

Drinking aloe vera juice also supplies your liver with the phytonutrients it needs to function at its peak. With aloe vera, you can forget about dreary detox diets – it primes your liver to purify your system completely naturally. You can make a juice or choose one that has minimal or no sugar.

3) Stronger, Clearer Skin

Massaging aloe vera gel or cream into your skin strengthens it at acellular level, helping to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging. It’s also a highly effective way of dealing with acne outbreaks, pimples, and rashes to leave your skin clearer, smoother, and glowing with health. Aloe vera is the primary ingredient in our new Skin Shield BB creams with SPF 10.

4) Healing Wounds

Aloe vera spray or oil will speed up the healing of minor cuts, scrapes,and sunburn. It eases the soreness and inflammation, while also reducing the chances of wounds leaving scars behind.

5) Alleviates Gum Disease

Have you see the new toothpastes with aloe vera in them? Aloe vera gel soothes the symptoms of gum disease by reducing inflammation and stopping bleeding. This allows pain-free dental hygiene to solve the underlying causes of gingivitis and periodontitis.

6) Soothes Itching Eyes

Eye drops containing aloe vera are a fast and effective solution to the itchiness of conjunctivitis. Aloe vera is also widely used to combat the eye irritation caused by common allergies from hay fever to pet hair intolerance.

7) Scalp and Hair Treatment

Simply massage aloe vera oil into your scalp to strengthen and moisturise it, reducing the flakiness of dandruff and promoting stronger,thicker hair growth. Essential oils can also help with scalp irritation.

8) Relief from Aches and Pains

Lastly, aloe vera gel or spray can work wonders for easing joint pain and muscle aches. Whether you use it to relax after a long hard day, or as a regular treatment for long-term pain, it’s a safe and gentle alternative to prescription drugs and other treatments.

The web is awash with tales of miracle herbs, lotions, and potions. But unlike most, aloe vera has the scientific evidence to back up its thousands of years of history. With its winning combination of health and beauty benefits,aloe vera deserves a place in every home.

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