Flavored Water – A New Kind Of Hydration

Are they really healthy?

In your visit in the supermarket or convenience store, you may notice that there are varieties of bottled and flavored water on the aisle. If you are one to study nutritional facts, it would take time analyzing the best healthy beverage for you.

Flavored water is specially made for people who dislike the taste of pure spring water or to bored to drink plain water. It offers an alternative to hydrate your body.

The word “flavored water” might be interesting or may appear healthy, but you should take note of the ingredients as they vary from bottle to bottle and some might be harmful which can affect your health.

It has gained popularity in the market because they were advertised as having zero to low calorie content and some were fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Natural-Flavored Water Is The Best Option

This is the healthiest and most practical way to flavor your water. You can customize your own water according to your desired taste and need.

Naturally infused water uses ingredients like fruits, herbs, and spices to turn your plain water into something exciting. It is without artificial additives, and is easy to make.

Ingredients could be bought fresh in the market or harvested straight from your own garden. They are then crushed, sliced, plunged fresh to flavor your water.

The health benefits are a huge bonus. You are not only getting hydrated but you are getting essential vitamins and dietary nutrients. Indeed, drinking natural flavored water is a long standing remedy for many health problems.

Note however, that there are fruits or herbs that contain high sugar content thus making it caloric dense. If you are watching your caloric intake like a hawk, this is something that you need to consider.

Artificially-Flavored Water

The competition among companies in creating new tastes in flavored water has gone too far. Aside from the fruit-infused flavors, herbs and others — comes a bottle of water with artificial flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners. It has become an unhealthy option rather than complement your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled by claims of additional vitamins and minerals. They may be true but they’re likely covering up for unnecessary artificial additives. Additional stimulants like caffeine — marketed as energy booster — are very common practice nowadays.

Many were impressed with these products that plenty of people order online or buy at the supermarket.

Before buying, of course you must read the label very carefully to determine the ingredients of each brand. Be careful with the promising marketing slogans and hype of each product or else you will end up gulping so much unhealthy ingredients.


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