Ginger And Salt Bath

I was smacked right in the head by a cold for 2 days this week and although I was taking a whole lot of echinacea and swallowing a healing brown syrup that tasted like dirty socks every 3 hours, I really think this bath recipe helped me.

GingerWe all know the power of ginger – as soon as you pick a fresh piece and smell it it wafts through the corridor of your nose and opens every door on the way – so you can imagine what it’s like in a steaming warm bath. I stayed in this bath for about 20 minutes with the Flora Remedia Immunity infusion rolled on my temples and it was heaven…
You need:
1/2 cup freshly pressed Ginger Root Juice
1/4 cup Epsom Salts or pink Himalayan salts

1. With a juicer, juice the fresh ginger root or just grate it up.
2. Combine the ginger juice/pulp and the salt in the bath and let the salt dissolve
3. Immerse yourself in the bath for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and pretend you are somewhere tropical and warm on in a land far far away..
4. Drink plenty of water after and have a particularly good nights rest

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