Health And Fitness This Holiday Season? It’s Not Impossible

It’s Christmas Time!

Streets are getting busy with shoppers, decorations, parties, and festive food.

Since ‘tis the season to be jolly,  it means you’ll be spending extra money and time to achieve your own idea of a perfect Christmas with family and friends.

During the holidays you are likely to overdo eating and drinking, which means fitness and your waistline will take the back seat. You’ll find yourself struggling to stay focus in maintaining your diet and how to insert workouts in your busy holiday schedule.

What do you expect right?

So the usual scenario is to eat, drink and be merry in December and early January… and when it’s all over, it’s time to get back into shape.

But there is another way.

Below are short but effective activities which you can possibly include in your schedule this Yuletide season.

These may help you lessen the binge-eating guilt this season. Yes, you can enjoy and feast during Christmas but still stay healthy and fit.

Walk Around

Hit the streets and walk around looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Walking around stores, carrying your bags and pushing your carts full of items is a decent workout before you realized it.

It can be fun. You might forget that you are already getting in some reps. The pleasant christmas shopping rush and carols you hear from choirs or speakers will put you in a good mood.

Exercise Programs

You can modify and decrease volume or intensity but do not totally stop exercising. When exercising, try to be time-efficient.

  1. When doing running exercises, you may cut your distance in half if you really need it. Running is perhaps the best exercises for the holidays. It’s easy to do and helps a lot with your weight management.
  1. If you can still manage going to the gym, instead of completing three or four sets of resistance training, cut them into one or two sets. Try doing complementary exercises during relaxing and recovery periods between sets. No worries, you’re exercising the same muscles.
  2. A five-minute brisk workouts followed with five-minute easy recoveries are time-saving cardiovascular alternatives.
  3. Split your exercises into three 10-minute sections per day – 10 minutes when you get up, 10 minutes at lunch and last 10 minutes when you get home in the evening.
  4. If you don’t want to miss your high intensity or resistance training workouts, swap longer workouts into short intense training like circuit training, interval training or slow sessions with weights. Skipping, planking and exercises using your body weight are also effective.

Fun Christmas Events

Joining popular events like fun run, swimming, cycling and triathlons are another ways to enjoy Christmas vacation without failing your fitness. These sporting events will surely grant great holiday memories with your family and friends.

Plus these will motivate and inspire you to be firm in your decision to stay fit and healthy even during Christmas time

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