Heavenly Benefits Of Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is a type of an herb with a botanical name of Harpagophytum procumbens. The name “Devil’s claw or Devil’s claw root” was derived from the appearance of its fruit, which is covered with hook-like structures meant to catch animals in order to spread its seeds. Thus, most Greeks called it ‘Hook Plant’.

This plant grows well in Southern Africa. And many folks from this country, as well as in some European countries have used its dried roots to cure many health problems including digestive disturbances, fever reduction, as pain killers and some problems associated with pregnancy or women’s menstrual period.

Other folk names include grapple pant, wood spider and harpago.


Devil’s claw healing secrets is found in its roots and tubers. It is packed with potent anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-oxidants.

The roots were dried, processed and packed in capsules and tablets. Some were used to create ointments and liquid extracts which are then applied topically. Some made them into a tea to gain most of its benefits.

Reduces Osteoarthritis Symptoms

This is the most recognized benefits of the Devil’s claw because of its harpagoside compound which helps reduce joint pains in extremities. In addition to reducing chronic pain, it might help patients to prevent total bone loss in inflammatory osteoporosis.

Helps in Losing Weight and Obesity

Devil’s claw root can help slow ghrelin stimulation, the so-called “hunger hormone”. By reducing your cravings for food, it will ultimately lessen your over eating appetite to average level, thus you will lose some pounds.

With obesity, it may help prevent development of a life-threatening atherosclerosis.

Fights Severe Inflammation

This plant is rich in antioxidants, reason why its roots can help fight chronic inflammation in diseases like psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

Pain Killer

Devil’s claw has been used as a natural pain killer for backache, muscle and joint pains. Most use the extract of this herb for this purpose.


  1. Avoid using when you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  2. Not recommended for people with heart problems, diabetes, gallstones or peptic ulcer.
  3. It might cause increase production of acid in the stomach.
  4. Devil’s claw may affect actions of some medicines like warfarin, H2 blockers, and Proton pump inhibitors.

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