Pink Himalayan Salt – What About It?

You might have heard about this unique and prime salt from Himalayas Mountain Range. It is known for its nutritional and therapeutic qualities..

Its uses are overwhelming — from body scrubs, bath soaks, water flush and salt inhalation therapy. It is also a healthier option in cooking, and in preserving meat and fish. Lately, lamps made of Himalayn salt are trendy, saying that they have health benefits.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

It is a rock salt or halite mined 5,000 feet below from one of the regions in Pakistan, the Punjab region — the region with richest salt fields. It is known as “white gold” locally. Pink salt is known to be millions of years old and has not been affected with chemical dumping or toxic oil spills — things that sea salt has been subjected to.

It is chemically similar to the common table salt (with 97.5 to 99.9 percent Sodium Chloride), only the unrefined Himalayan salt is just about 87 percent Sodium Chloride and the remainder percentage is made up of trace amounts of other 84 minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and more. The presence of these trace amounts of minerals make the substance pink and different from other types of salt in terms of benefits.

It comes in several names like Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Salt; Himalayan Sea Salt, Rock Salt and Himalayan Crystal Salt. It has unlimited shelf life and no need for silica packets to prevent clumping.

Uses And Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

Balances Body’s pH Levels
It contains sodium and other electrolytes which has direct effect on the body’s pH balance.  A balance alkaline to acid ratio promotes excellent immunity and good digestion.

Supports Healthy Respiratory Function
Salt has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory problems which loosens excessive mucus or speeds up mucus clearance and removes pathogens like pollens.

The natural treatment known as Salt Therapy is effective in treating respiratory diseases. If you can’t visit the salt cave to inhale the salt-rich air, this can help you breathe in micronized dry salt within a chamber or sitting in a room pumped with salt-laden air.

The theory behind this therapy is that once the salt is inhaled , the minute salt particles travel through the entire respiratory system, purifying and detoxing the lungs and sinuses, thus improving overall respiratory health.

Improves Digestion
Salt Water Flush recipe or Salt Sole – saturated solution containing purified water and Himalayan salt, can help balance stomach acid and the absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract.

Air Purifier
The Himalayan Salt lamp can purify the surrounding air in your home or office by attracting water vapor together with the air pollutants. The heat of the salt lamp caused the evaporation of the water vapor, but the dust and allergens remain in the salt preventing them from entering into your body.

Promotes Better Sleep Patterns
Pink Himalayan Salt is said to induce better sleep due to its high mineral content. Sodium is a natural sleep-aid mineral. A high-sodium diet led to longer durations of sleep than low-sodium diet.

But be careful in taking so much sodium in your diet for it can cause some serious vascular diseases. What is important is for you to know that it is not healthy  to avoid salt completely or not getting enough in your regular diet for it can contribute to sleep problems.

Other benefits include regulating body’s hydration, blood sugar level regulation, muscle cramps prevention. It also promotes bone strength, and improves libido.


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