10 Health Foods To Get Your Sexy On

You have been into different diet plans to achieve and support your fitness goal — which is to feel good and look even better.

To go along with your dieting, you also hit the gym to look hot and attractive. Moreover, wear cute clothes and try out new beauty tricks to come out pretty and elegant. The quest to look and feel sexier is within our nature.

There are plant-based foods that will help prepare your body and brain to feel and look sexier. Foods untainted with chemicals and that will surely improve your sex appeal and vigor. Hey, these foods can turn the heat up in your intimate relationships.


Honey has a lot of health benefits especially the raw and organic varieties. It is very easy to incorporate in your diet because it is a great substitute for sugar as a sweetener. It is known for its Vitamin B content which increases stamina and testosterone production. Its Boron content is known to assist the body to use estrogen for proper blood flow and arousal.

The leafy green is high in iron and magnesium. Consecutively, they stimulate production of estrogen and helps improve blood flow to and from the heart, and everywhere else in your body for that matter. It will create a greater ‘stir up’ in both men and women. Spinach is also a good source of folate and B vitamins.

Cacao and Chocolates
The famous chocolates are delicately made from cacao plants. Cacao is extremely rich in endorphins which promotes positive and relaxed mind — the happy hormone. Chocolate is a very popular aphrodisiac.

Bananas releases serotonin into the blood stream. They elevate mood and calm the nervous system thus take away any sexual anxieties. It also contains bromelain and Vitamins B which increase sexual drive in men.

Beans are packed with nutrients like protein, iron and Vitamins B. These components are vital for boosting serotonin levels and other important functions like enhancing your mood and appetite for an intimate contact with your partner.

Green veggie loaded with many antioxidants like Vitamin C – improves blood circulation and so can get you into the mood.

Spices like cayenne pepper, red hot chili pepper and others have the powerful compound known as the capsaicin. This substance gives a kick in peppers and a bang to your taste buds. This same antioxidant raises the heart rate and triggers the release of endorphins to fire up your libido.

Celery is a crunchy vegetable stuffed with androstenone and androstenol – pheromones responsible to jumpstart the bedroom excitements. It has phthalides, a phytochemicals which relax arterial muscle tissue and put blood pressure under control.

Figs were actually an ancient Greek and Roman favored aphrodisiacs. They are packed with magnesium which is needed by the body to boost stimulation of sexual hormones.

Most in demand fruit during summer because it is juicy and healthfully delicious. It has an unusual high level of citrulline – an amino acid which the body uses to manufacture arginine which then heightens vascular health linked to healthier sexual erection and behavior in men and women.

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