4 Natural Skincare Essentials

 Skincare products often contain synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals and other additives that can cause skin reactions or even affect your health. Replacing store-bought skincare products with natural ingredients will reduce your skin's exposure to harmful chemicals, while also leaving your skin looking younger. Here are four natural skincare essentials for younger-looking skin. 

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that is used in many commercial skincare products, including acne treatments, as it removes excess oil from the skin and helps to fight spots, sores and skin infections. Witch hazel provides relief for bags and dark circles under the eyes, as it reduces swelling. 

Witch hazel is also rich in antioxidants, which help to fight the signs of aging, making it one of the most valuable additions to any skincare routine. You can use witch hazel in place of your regular cleanser and toner, as it cleanses, tones and tightens the skin. 


Dead skin cells can accumulate on the skin and clog the pores, leading to a dull or uneven complexion that leaves your skin looking older. Regular exfoliation with a face scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and keeps your skin healthy. Fine sea salt is ideal for use as a gentle face scrub. Many store-bought face scrubs contain large granules of salt, sugar or other ingredients, but these can damage the skin, as the granules are too hard and too large to use on the face. 

Fine sea salt is gentle enough to use on most areas of the body, providing a natural scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Salt also helps to balance PH levels in the skin and can even help to reduce inflammation. Combine equal parts of fine sea salt and olive oil to make a natural face scrub. 

Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil for the hair and skin have been well-documented in recent years. Coconut oil is packed with healing properties, including antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil is also a great natural moisturiser that helps to hydrate dry skin and can even be used to treat eczema and other skin conditions. 

Some people can use coconut oil as an all-day moisturiser to keep skin soft and supple. However, depending on your skin type, the oil could clog your pores when left on for extended periods of time, so you may prefer to use it as an occasional face mask. Coconut oil can also be used as a cleanser, eye makeup remover and lip balm. 


Honey makes a wonderful face mask for all skin types, as it contains powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties that nourish, heal and soothe your skin. Honey is also rich in antioxidants and can help to prevent and reduce wrinkles. You can use honey on its own or add other ingredients, such as turmeric, green tea or banana, for a nourishing face mask to fight the signs of aging. 

Store-bought skincare products can be harmful to your skin, but there are plenty of natural ingredients that can be used to make your own skincare products. Witch hazel, salt, coconut oil and honey are all excellent natural ingredients for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. 

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