6 Awesome Self-Pampering Products You Can Gift Yourself

After a week of hectic schedule, you would need a serious downtime — to relax, enjoy, or pamper yourself. It’s your choice, whether you want to go out with friends to chill a bit, visit a spa for a body massage, or just simply go home and sleep like a log.

Aside from the mentioned, here are some considerably novelty stress-relieving items, which are surely winners to pacify your tired body and mind.

1. Bath Bombs

Dip and drift your body in a bubbly bath with popular bath bombs which explode scents, color and organic essential oils. They will improve your mood as you feel the moisturizing effect on your skin; the scent calms the nerves and bust stress accordingly.

Moreover, they are sparkly and bubbly fun. The ingredients do not irritate your skin and they come in different colors, designs, and scents to suit your preference.

2. Plant Collagen Eye Masks

Collagen Eye Masks are impregnated with natural plant extracts and vitamins.  They have significantly better beneficial results than other eye creams. They brighten under eye area, decrease skin damage and signs of ageing. Simply place eye masks under eyes and leave for 20 minutes. So easy to use!

Plant Collagen Eye Mask

3. Foot Massager (With Heat)

Pamper your feet with this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating warm massager. Slide-in your feet and enjoy the therapeutic bliss of this luxurious massager.

4. Yoyo Mat

Yoyo mat is a self-rolling yoga mat. This is fun and easy way to roll your yoga mat after each session. If you’re tired or your movements are limited due to sore muscles, then you don’t need to trouble yourself to roll-up your yoga mat. It will yoyo back to its original roll once you flipped the back side up.

5. Luxury Bath Pillow

This plush cushion holds your head comfortably while having a bath, and it is with suction cups to make sure the pillow will hold on the tub.  This will prevent stiff neck especially after a nap or even after fallen asleep.

6. Bed-Rest Chair Massager

This is a bed set-up chair massager with cup holder for your favorite drink and LED light to let you read a book or your paper works in a total comfort. If you feel like to bring office work on bed, this is a perfect help, with comfort. The equipped massager will soothe your aching back muscles as you sip your coffee.

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