Balneotherapy – Facts And Benefits


Another alternative medical practice becoming popular today is Balneotherapy, also known as Hydrotherapy.

‘Balneo’ is derived from the greek word, ‘balneae’ which means bath.

This is a healing bath, which of course, uses water as the main element.  However the water used is not just any faucet or deep well water, but those which have restorative components that can heal and rejuvenate the body.

Examples of the kind of water are natural hot and cold spring waters rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and iodine. The waters from the sea, like Dead Sea, is also perfect for Balneotherapy because of the natural salt content which is known to have curative properties.

Many people try to replicate these ‘waters’ by adding epsom salt, essentials oils, minerals, sea weed, and even enzymes — making their own Balneotherapy bath sessions. Then they soaking their bodies for at least 20 minutes and this should relax sore muscles and bring wellness.

As a matter of fact, many spas have already adopted therapeutic bathing into their list of services. Some would add whirlpools or water jets as this would allow underwater massages for more effective results.


Water is the main element of life. Without water, there is no life.

Water is not only the source of life but also a catalyst of healing. Apart from drinking for hydration, another is in the form of bathing. According to history, Romans built lavish bath places wherever and whenever they find natural hot springs.

They would linger for hours soaking, socializing or even doing business while in their baths because they believed that it is good for them.

Today, there are many other water therapy places and they complement Balneotherapy with other treatments to promote better physical health, relaxation, luxury, and recovery from fatigue or training. The following are what you can expect from Balneotherapy:

Contrast Bath

A contrast bath, or known as hot/cold therapy, can help increase circulation in areas with injury or with poor blood flow.

Thermal and Mineral Bath

Naturally dissolved minerals in hot springs will be absorbed by the skin by immersion for a few minutes. It treats painful and tender areas caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia.

This type of bath can also clean and treat other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and cellulite.

Mineral bath can improve mobility and relieve pain on the lower back.

Enzyme Bath

This bath is great for cleaning pores resulting to fresh and glowing skin.

Detox Bath with Essential Oils

This is the idea of a relaxing bath, taking time to remove all outside stress. After the bath, the body will be relieved from all the negativity and you will feel energized.

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