Crystals And Stones For Healing

Nowadays, many have switched to natural healing methods such as herbal, organic, and crystals.

Yes, precious gems, stones, and crystals were no longer mined just for decorative purpose. They are now being collected as tools or resource for healing — to cure physical, emotional and mental ailments.

Crystals are believed to contain strong energy fields because of how they were formed in the earth’s inner core, the reason why they can cure.

As a matter of fact, some of them were already incorporated in cosmetics, topical solutions, and others to avail their healing powers.

Since they are known as mother nature’s minerals, they have gained so much popularity in the public.  They are abundantly present and sold in various types and forms in supermarkets, shops and boutiques.

There are over 50 crystals identified with maximum therapeutic effects. But here are the most common and well-known crystals.

Crystal Quartz

Known as the universal stone. It is clear, bright, and comes in many shapes and form.

It stimulates brain functioning, thus enhances alertness and awareness. Moreover, it brings clarity, calmness, harmony and balance.


This crystal comes in many colors with the green as the most common. Jade works on to remove toxins from the heart, kidney, and spleen.

It is said to release negative thoughts and bring mental-emotional balance. It also offers good fortune, love, and happiness. It’s probably everyone’s favorite stone.


A bluish stone with deep purple-tipped crystal and quartz-type that contains iron and other trace minerals. It is a healing stone for blood-related problems, and lung diseases.

Amethyst has long been said to have sobering powers, thus used to relieve hangovers and drunkenness. It prevents insomnia and promotes better sleep.

It is a powerful crystal to pacify sadness, anger, and mood swings. It also enhances focus for better memory and concentration.


A transparent quartz with pale to golden yellow color ways. It is known to clean and purify the digestive and endocrine organs.

It is called ‘Stone of Mind’ because it stimulates brain cells, strengthening intellectual, and ‘psychic’ powers. A ‘Lucky Merchant Stone’ as it attracts abundance and prosperity.

It increases self confidence, courage, creativity, optimism and joy.

Quartz Stones Mystic Crystals Healing Spiritual

Rose Quartz

This opaque, delicate pink shade crystal is the popular ‘Love Stone’. It encourages all forms of love and so, it strenghtens the heart and promotes better circulation.

It is said to reduce wrinkles and increase fertility. Rose quartz is the stone of pregnant women — protection against miscarriage.

It calms the nervous system, decreases anxieties, and improves mood. It heals any emotional pain and encourages inner peace, forgiveness, and trust.


Ruby is a blood-red colored gemstone. Its striking and deep color symbolizes vitality, energy, and sensuality.

This stone aids in cleansing and detoxifying the body and stimulates the heart and reproductive organs.

This stone motivates and helps set goals. It gives the feeling of self-assurance and positivity.

Blue Topaz

An irradiated and heat-treated stone that show different shades of blue – sky blue, Swiss blue, or London blue.

Many believed that this stone can heal poor vision and eating disorder. It promotes good health of the neck and throat areas.

Blue Topaz is known as ‘Writer’s Stone’ because it inspires and motivates self expression, in a creative way. It combats anxiety, releases tension, and invites calmness.

It also promotes joy, abundance, and prosperity.

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