Crystal-Infused Health And Beauty Products: Women’s New Obsession?

Women just love following the latest trends. Whether its fitness, food, beauty and style — when it is trendy, they’re ready.

In the previous articles, you’ve read about natural-based cosmetics, superfood-infused beauty products, and other products which are synthetic-free and not harmful to anyone’s health.

The popularity of these natural products have only escalated with time, especially with the massive spread of news about harmful chemicals in commercially prepared health and beauty products.

Also, spotted to flourish today and in the coming years are crystals, and products infused with ‘healing’ crystals.

In fact, many companies have started focusing on products with crystals. They believe that these crystals will bring beneficial change in people’s skin. They believe that they promote balance, wellness, and positive energy.

Amethyst-Infused Body Oils

Amethyst is known to ward off negativity and boost relaxation.

Body oils are among the products with amethyst crystal. They are available in different packaging.

You can apply the oil directly on your skin for instant relief against headache or add to your bath for a whole body relaxation.

Highlighter with Topaz Crystals

Topaz is the ‘gourmet stone’ and ‘stone of potency’. It brings energy and wipes away tiredness — basically it is a stress reliever.

One product infused with topaz is the highlighter. Highlighters usually contain an outer ring of topaz crystal and an inner ring of moisturizing solid oil.

When applied to your skin, oil and crystal will give your skin a copper golden glow.

Smithsonite Make up Base

This stone is said to be great in opening your psychic abilities. Make-up base with smithsonite crystals soothes and provides a calming effect on your skin.

Rose Quartz Manicure Polish

Among the many products with flecks of rose quartz crystals, nail polish is one that will provide a shimmery pinkish finish.

It is sometimes paired with rose flowers in other beauty products to add more sweet scent.

Skin Cream with Ruby Crystals

Ruby crystals help manage your stress and fatigue. Additionally, this cream formulated with micro ruby crystals brightens your skin and boosts skin inner radiance.

Tourmaline Quartz Massaging Beauty Roller  (Nurse Jamie)

Tourmaline guides the healing essence of nature. Aids in the healing process especially for those who suffered from heart and lung conditions.

One popular product today is the massaging beauty roller with 24 massaging stones made of tourmaline quartz. It is said to energize and lift skin when rolled across your cheeks, jawline, and neck.

It also prevents skin aging.

Sapphire Moisturizing Cream

This beautiful crystal is a stone of intelligence and its energy helps you stay organized, on top of things, and empower linear thinking.

So using this sapphire-infused cream will not just moisturize your skin but will also make you look younger and fresher.

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