Hi-Technology In Food Service Industry – What’s New?

Technology changes lives. It’s given and the changes are at a brisk pace. Do you know that the first iPhone was released just barely a decade ago?

Leading tech companies introduce more and more innovations every now and then and this happens across all industries – gaming, social media, news, weather, sports, robotics, and in food.

Services thru ‘Apps’ are the thing nowadays. We now have apps for everything everything — car service, fitness and nutrition guide, sports tracking, and a lot more. This includes food services.

Food manufacturers, restaurants, among others maximize their business with the implementation of apps. The most common of which, is that customers are using apps to make reservations, order food and later signing credit card bills with their fingers on touchscreens.

Here are other examples of high technology being used in food industry:

Take out/Pick-up App

Most restaurants and food chains invest a lot in this app, where customers can view the full menu and see all their options before ordering. This app is booming, not just because it allows customers to place their orders before they arrive or not to wait any longer when they pick up; but because it promotes upselling.

It benefits both customers and business owners.

Tabletop Devices

More touchscreens were installed in most restaurants. These tabletop hi-tech device is a self-service device where you can order and pay directly without waiting for the server to assist you.

They are perfect for office workers who are allowed by their bosses to have their break under time limit.

Wearable Hospitality Tech

The purpose of this is to notify the server when someone or a VIP guest has come in, when the diners has been sat, or when an order is ready; and if the customer has paid via mobile.

The app is very helpful in real-time inventory updates, serves as valuable internal communications between staffs and facilitates guest’s more requests even they’re not right at the table.

This app promotes in-person service, improves restaurant-goers experience, and adds a new dimension to the hospitality atmosphere.

Mobile Payment App

Mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Paypal have opened up new ways to pay. Many food establishments will benefit from accepting payments right on their mobile devices.

This app will make the entire process much easier and more streamlined.

In fact, it is also the cheaper method of payment, allows you to keep track of your payment and even print receipts of your transactions.

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