Running, An Outlet For Stress

Exercise does not only keep you in shape, it also reduces stress and running is one of the most basic of exercises and easiest to do.

Running is a mainly considered as a cardiovascular exercise and a major fat burner — helps get rid of 100 calories per mile. With very few exceptions, anyone can just take up running and get fit with the program.

If you are too heavy to run, you can scale down to a light jog (or walk). You can gradually improve to a walk-jog, or walk-run, or walk-jog-run until you reach the point of constant running pattern. You can adjust your pace based on fitness level, or the distance based on your muscle endurance.

Running exercise promotes your ability to fight off fatigue which interferes with your day to day normal function and to eventually discourage sedentary type of lifestyle.

So, when your day gets complicated, don’t be lazy to put on your running outfit and hit the road. 

Running Improves Mood

Running is not just all about the speed or miles. It is also the key to stabilize your mood.

Running and other intense exercises allow your brain to release endorphins – the “feel good” hormones. These hormones help the body manage anxiety, promote slow aging process, improve immune system and suppress pain.

Runners in general are less reactive (and whiny) than their deskbound friends.

Running And Your Thoughts

Running can be your buddy in brainstorming.

Great ideas may flow into your mind while pacing the oval track. It’s similar to the Eureka moments while showering or bathing in the tub.

Running can be meditative especially for regular runners. When they are in the zone, their bodies are in autopilot — optimal for running at a regular pace. The body is like in a state of active equilibrium wherein the circulation is fast and efficient. All faculties, especially the brain, are functioning at a higher level.

This would mainly apply for considerably experienced and regular runners. New runners may not easily achieve the meditative state because of insufficient fitness and poor running skill.

If you are new to running just think that in the long run, you may find it comfortable to use your jogging session as the best time to think on business, goals and resolving current issues.

Running As Meditation

Meditation does not exist only when you light candles or incense and sit cross-legged.

You can turn running into meditation by focusing on the rhythm of your steps, relax your breathing; and allow it to become a moment to reflect about life, to explore and connect with nature or with the present world.

You may put on some music while you run. Through music, you can actually choose the emotion you want to feel or reflect on.

Running For Socialization

Running in the park, in the streets or highways; allows you to meet a lot of positive people. Running clubs can help you get acquainted with new faces, or reacquainted with old colleagues, or strengthen the bond with your own circle of friends.

If you feel like running in a group, you can join in some running clubs. You can sign up and compete in races to strengthen your connection with other runners.

Such consistent socializing with others will develop a stronger interaction and thus adds onto your personal development and running ability.

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