Most Luxurious Spa Treatments

The demand for spa treatments has never dwindled. In fact, spa products and services increase in numbers at a very remarkable rate. They have been sprouting everywhere.

Hotels and resorts offer spa treatments as it is a huge part of the industry.  They often offer in very enticing packages depending on the market they are targeting. These establishments make sure you will have the most satisfying pampering session. They will provide an escape from stress and pressures of your everyday lives.

The type of spa treatments may vary significantly, from a simpler ones to the most expensive type.

High-end spas are booked well in advance by many, including celebrities. They aim to provide awe-inspiring experiences that are worth trying — if you have the resource of course.

Evian Bath – $5000

World’s most expensive bath!

Available exclusively for $6000 per night at the penthouse of Hotel Viktor in Miami Beach, you will have the best bath experience of your life.

A 2-Hour complete customizable spa services includes:

  • a tub with 1000 liters of Evian natural spring water
  • colorful gerber daisies floating around you
  • illuminating candles
  • luxurious assorted snacks and beverages

This lavish bath is said to revatilize, rejuvenate, and renew your skin. You could feel the difference as you immerse your body in the tub of pure evian water.

Radiance Grand Luxe Facial – $750

This face spa in San Francisco uses micro current to tighten your facial muscles and lessen fine lines after an intense massage. Then a LED light is applied to remove dead skin cells, black heads and white heads, it will then clear up rosacea and red spots.

The grand luxe facial package includes a diamond peel, a pure caviar, omega-6 mask and protein drops. These will leave your skin looking fresh and young.

Gold Facial – $500

Like the name suggests, your face will be covered with 24-carat gold and a Gamma PGA – a natural, biodegrdable, non-toxic and an effective hydrating compound.

Gamma PGA penetrates into the skin’s deepest layer and enhance skin’s natural moisturizing properties. As a result, it lessens fine lines and wrinkles and prevents further cell damage as you age.

If effectively combined with 24K gold as in UMO Skin Clinic in London, it will penetrate in your skin and you’ll experience the golden glow. In addition, this treatment will lift, firm and tighten skin cells to prevent sagging.

This is one of the best facial procedure in the world.

Elysian Cleanse – $400

A splendid, soothing, and re-energizing treatment offered in the renowned Waldorf Astoria Spa in Chicago.

The therapy includes seaweed wrap, marine mineral rejuvenation, and a deep tissue massage. Marine minerals are from pure mountain waters and the Great Salt Lake which provide special exfoliation that will leave your whole body glowing.

The treatment is with facial, eye and scalp treatments.

Ocean Dreaming Massage – $400

Hayman One&Only in Queensland offer a type of massage which you will never forget. The massage bed is set above the perfect water of Whitsundays and as long as the weather permits and the water is calm; you will have your massage while floating on water.

Feel the calming effect of the water while the masseuse smoothly daub on the prewarmed botanical oils on your body. After the treatment, you will feel balanced and renewed.

Heated Diamond Chakra Massage – $300

As the name implies, this massage uses a real diamond. Diamonds are warmed, placed and massaged on your chakra points to absorb negative energy, overcoming your depression.

Aside from diamonds, the Spa at Trump offers a unique, glittering touch of other gemstones – emeralds, rubies and sapphires – which open your senses to experience the perfect luxury and well-being.

The oils used in each type of massage are infused with these precious stones combined with rare flower and herbal essences which stimulate healing effects.

At the end of your session, you will feel balanced, purified, revitalized, calmed and healed.

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