6 Foods Your Brain Does Not Like

Your brain is the leader of your body. The brain manages and facilitates all the bodily functions. So as a leader, it is just right and very important to stay it functional and healthy.

Certain type of foods can nourish your brain cells and some activities can promote and boost your brainpower. Examples of these foods are chamomile tea, black beans, eggs, almonds, avocados.

Brain-enhancing activities include puzzles and board games. Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy are also great for the brain.

The things mentioned above are excellent for the brain, no doubt.

But there is always a yin for every yang.

Here are the…

Worst Foods for Your Brain

Packed Baked Goods

There are trace amounts of trans fats in commercially prepared baked goodies like muffins. Trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils are types of unsaturated fats shown to decrease brain power and memory.

Trans fats are usually found in margarine, frosting, shortening, snack foods, prepacked cookies and ready-made pastries. If you are fond of these baked stuff, you are putting your cognitive functions in jeopardy.

Sugary Drinks

Drinking beverages with high sugar content will not only give you diabetes, it will also damage your brain cells.

Many sugar-filled drinks — packed juices, sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks — have higher amounts of high-fructose corn syrup. This ingredient is harmful — causing brain inflammation and impairs your memory and comprehension.

Another thing to watch out is brominated vegetable oil in bubbly beverages. Small amounts won’t harm you, but it can build up in your system if drank too often and eventually cause memory gaps and nerve disorders.

Highly Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with different preservatives, high in sugar, fats and salt. They are high in calories and low in nutrients.

There are plenty of components in processed foods that can damage your brain tissue and impair cognitive function. Canned, cured, and frozen are the worst.

Mercury (In Fishes)

Mercury is a heavy metal present in some fishes, if consumed too much can cause mercury toxicity in your brain causing serious degenerative illnesses.

Bigeye, ahi, albacore and yellowfin tuna have high levels of mercury.


Moderate alcohol consumption is enjoyable, especially after a sumptous meal. But taking in more than you can handle is not good for you and your body.

Alcoholism disrupts neurotransmitters which are essential for the brain to communicate. Other negative effects due to chronic drinking of alcohol are memory loss, eyesight problems, confusion and unsteadiness.


It is an artificial sweetener in many sugar-free products, made from phenylalanine, methanol, and asparctic acid. This is often used by diabetics and people who are or trying to lose weight.

However, this compound is bad for the brain. It disrupts neurotransmitter stimulation, increases brain’s vulnerability to oxidative stress and to some, causes irritability, depression and slows comprehension.

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