Vervain, The Healing Herb

Vervain is a verstile herb. It belongs to Verbenacea plant family with a botanical name of Verbena officinalis.

Others call it with names like Juno’s Tears, Pigeon’s Grass, Wild Verbena or Wild Hyssop. Other varieties of vervain are Verbena Hastata(blue vervain) and Verbena Urticifolia (white vervain).

Vervain is native to the Mediterranean region in Europe, but grows wildly on bare and dry grounds often along roadsides. It is a slim plant with hairy leaves alternatively arranged in a square-like stem and with a beautiful lilac-colored flowers.

Legends About Vervain

As you start researching about this herb, you’ll see some interesting thoughts including beliefs that it has magical powers. Vervain’s reputation as a sacred plant was dated back to ancient Egypt where folks from this time believed it sprung from the tears of goddess Isis when she wept over the death of the god Osiris.

Greek worshippers called it Heirobotane which means “Holy Plant” because it could cure fever and plague. There are also sources saying that it was called the “Herb on the Cross”,because devotees claimed that it was used on Jesus wounds after He was removed from the cross.

Moreover, vervain’s roots were used as a diuretic by Aztec people of Mexico. While Native American tribes utilized this herb as treatment for headaches, insomnia and circulatory issues.

Vervain’s Benefits

Putting folklore and magical stories aside, vervain was found to have effective healing properties based on scientific studies and evidences.

Vervain extracts has the ability to reduce inflammations thus an efficient cure for cold and fever. It is also known to provide immense relief from gastrointestinal damage.

It can be used as a topical remedy and pain-reliever on some skin infections.

Vervain essential oil possesses antimicrobial abilities and can kill bacteria as well as fungi and some viruses depending on the dose applied. Verbena officinalis have potential bioactive ingredients, which may help fight against drug-resistant infections like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Natural Mood-Enhancer
Drinking a cup of vervain tea has a soothing power which eases the feelings of anxiety and stress. The soothing effect of vervain in central nervous system is well-acknowledged and has been widely used to assist people suffering from depression.

A cup of warm vervain tea 30 minutes before you sleep reduces restlessness and insomnia, thus you will have a good night’s sleep.

Better Oral Health
Vervain has been known effective as a mouthwash giving your gums and teeth a healthy improvement. It has known to decrease gingivitis without any negative side effects.

Some chew this herb regularly as medication for bleeding gums due to mouth ulcers.

Protects the Heart
Vervain has been shown to possess verbenalin or cornin, a naturally occurring plant glycoside. Verbenalin from the fruit of the plant may have possible protective effects against myocardial ischemia, a heart condition when blood flow is reduced to the heart due to a partial or complete blockage of the heart’s arteries.

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