What Is Wellness Travel? Do You Need It?

Holistic well-being has become so important nowadays.

Things such as gym memberships, yoga sessions, and spa treatments are just some ways of improving overall wellness — improving the physical as well as the mental state of your being.

But sometimes you would need more than the run-of-the-mill, commercialized methods of therapy. You might need a break — away from the exhausting grind of your daily life.

According to Global Wellness Study, wellness-inspired travel has shown a steady climb in the fitness industry these past years and will continue to gain more popularity.

What Is Wellness Travel?

Wellness travel is all about putting your health at the forefront of your trip, without compromising the opportunity to explore and the adventure the place has to offer.

This will take a bit of courage (and discipline) as you indulge yourself in a more committed and structured wellness program as you travel, which maybe a little awkward at first but you will return home with a more positive outlook in life.

Wellness Travel will allow you to give attention to the part of yourself you have been unknowingly neglecting for a long time.  If it is for improving your physical health, you may want to take a trip to places where you engage in physical activities such as diving, hiking, or learning Muay Thai kickboxing; for emotional or spiritual health, you may take meditation trips to the high mountains or religious temples where you can connect with nature closely and experience something bigger than yourself.

These are just some of what wellness travel can offer you.

How Is Wellness Travel Done?

There are wellness travel companies, organizations or group of people who dedicate their time to help people like you. They usually arrange everything from meals to daily workouts to side trips which you indicated you need for personal development as you sign up. You have nothing to worry about your trip since it’s all planned at the flat rate you agreed upon.

On the other hand, you can plan your own trip. This is the more economical option as you are able to customize the trip based on your budget. But this works best if you are a savvy traveler or if you are traveling with someone highly experienced. If you are planning to travel alone and not that experienced, you need to do a lot of research and it is recommended that you start near your location at first.

This can be as simple as a day in thermal bath for a detox, and one session of yoga meditation along the area you visited or meditate in your own hotel room before exploring the place.

Just always remember that no matter how you do it, you want to give emphasis on your personal health and you’re using travel to achieve it.

What Are These Places Best For Wellness Travel?

Different places present different set of opportunities to heal.

For starters: consider Thailand, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Nicaragua. These are consistently on the top list of most wellness travel organizations.

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