World’s Most Luxurious Desserts

No one can deny that cloud nine feeling after eating a sweet decadent dessert!

For most of us, desserts are eaten after a hearty meal. There are cheap desserts for a quick sugar fix but do you know that there are ridiculously expensive desserts? So ridiculous that you would ask why these things even exist.

Below are the 5 most luxurious desserts which have gained popularity globally.

Diamond Fruitcake

Diamond Fruitcake is the most expensive cake and dessert documented in the planet. Jeong Hong-Yong, a Japanese pastry chef, authored the idea and developed the design for 6 months. It also took him a month to bake the delicious cake.

The artistic chef decorated the cake with more than 200 real diamonds and tags it with a price of $1.65 million.

Wow! A bite of this work-of-art fruitcake is surely a once in a lifetime experience.

Strawberry Arnaud

Strawberries Arnaud in New Orleans is the next best thing to spoil yourself and your loved ones that is of you have $1.4 million to spare just for sweet strawberries?

To clear things up, you’re not only paying for the strawberries marinated in the best pot alone. Along with the mint and cream served with strawberries is the 4.7 carat pink diamond ring and that’s what your money is worth for.

The ring was once owned by English royal financier named Sir Ernest Cassel and it is served with the best port wine from Charles X crystal cave set worth $25,000.

Platinum Cake

Platinum Cake

Platinum Cake is adorned with platinum necklaces, pendants, pins and edible platinum flakes.  The price is $130,000.

It was Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara who amazingly crafted the white cake with platinum to help encourage women to wear platinum jewelries.

She also dedicated the cake to famous Japanese women like actress Rinko Kikuchi and model Chie Kumasawa.


Absurdity Sundae

Absurdity Sundae is more than just a sundae. Eating this sweet treat will bring you to enjoy the view from Africa’s tallest peak, the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

At the price of $ 60,000, you will have your taste of absurdity sundae on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, first class trip to Tanzania, five-star hotel convenient arrangement, a climb with tour guide, eat-all-you-can ice cream and an organic cotton t-shirt as souvenir.

The most important part of your purchase is your help in raising awareness about the predicted disappearance of the mountain’s glaciers within 10-15 years because of climate change. Your contributions go straight to an African environmental non-profit.

Frozen Chocolate Haute

Frozen Chocolate Haute in New York is one of the most extravagant chocolate ever served to those who don’t know their limits when it comes to delicious desserts.

The reasons behind its price of $25,000 are the 24 different types of cocoas (14 of which are the most expensive in the world) mixed with milk frozen to make a smoothie-like consistency.

It is served in a goblet with edible gold decorations, topped with 5 grams of edible 24-karat gold and a gold spoon to consume the golden chocolate sundae.

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