World’s Most Luxurious Health Retreats

What is your daily regimen to stay fit and healthy?

You may have a lot in your list: a week of pure cleansing, going to the gym, and eliminating ba food from your diet.

These are useful and great to incorporate into your daily life but it also doesn’t hurt to dream about some of these beautiful spa’s around the world.

Maybe you’re someone who’s willing to take that extra mile, spend an extra thousand (or 10!) and jet off to an extraordinary haven of health.

We have got together some of the world’s most luxurious health and wellness retreats developed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul to an extraordinary level.

Best Fitness Hub – Thailand

If you prefer to have intensive workouts, Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness inThailand has something to offer.

Core training, HIIT, Muay Thai or beach boot camp circuits might complete your experience this year.

The atmosphere will definitely encourage you to become (or stay) fit but also in a fun way, so as not to ruin your escapade.

To complete your wellness retreat, the centre is equipped with relaxing massage spas to reward yourself after a day’s strenuous workout.

Aro Hā Wellness Retreat – New Zealand

An amazing trip to Glenorchy, New Zealand to experience wellness adventure is the next level health retreat for you. The place is known for full body rejuvenation and weight loss.

The place offers vegetarian cuisines and body works which promotes healing – yoga and massages. Physically stimulating activities like hiking in the mountains add another dimension to the  experience.

Your entire stay in the retreat will surely improve your physical health while helping your mind become clear and free from anxiety.

Como Shambhala – Indonesia

If you’re in the mood to take a few days of time-out from your busy life, this place is the perfect choice. The place offers programs tailored to cater to your personal fitness needs.

The place offers yoga, nutritionally-balanced diet, and anti-ageing secrets to help you disconnect, refresh and destress. Their location offers outdoor activities like hiking and climbing.

Viva Mayr – Austria

This health centre is said to offer the highest  level of comfort to cater to one’s health and mindfulness needs – personalised diet program, intensive detoxing, and outdoor activities.

The stillness of their lake puts you in a more relaxed state and works to improve inner balance, peace, and serenity.

Ananda Spa – India

A luxury spa destination at the Himalayan foothills. Graceful Sal forests that surround the place add coolness to Ananda Spa.

From the spa, you overlook the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley. The view is breathtaking.

The resort offers all-in packages – integration of  traditional ayurvedic, yoga and vedanta, with organic cuisines and fitness. These premium wellness experiences aim to restore balance, harmonize energy and stress management.

The Ashram Mallorca – Spain

Island of Mallorca, one of the crown jewels of Mediterranean. Its stunning and natural beauty is supported with steep and rocky coastlines, best for amazing and challenging hiking.

Your day will begin and end with a yoga class for body toning, flexibility and rejuvenation. Afternoon activities including kayaking, TRX, and circuit training  will further strengthen you.

Local food products are uniquely prepared to help you detoxify while delighting your taste buds. Spanish vegetarian and Mallorquin cuisines are also served.

The Farm – Philippines

A life-changing wellness retreat in San Benito. The place offers a journey towards effective and holistic healing – Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain.

Optimized health programs for fitness enhancement, pain management, weight management, destress, and detox aim to restore and harmonize mind, body and spirit.

Be warned! Some of these come with a hefty price tag… but it doesn’t hurt to dream!

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