Food Trends We Expect In 2018

Over the last year, you’ve seen a wide range of food craze (drinks too) which changed your attitude towards eating and lifestyle.

As the new year approaches, new food trends are expected.

This year we expect more alternative methods, substitutes, and newer flavors. 2018 will be focusing more on environmentally-friendly ways of consuming agricultural products.

These are the forecast on new food obsessions and new trends that will rise to prominence. Expect more eye-catching food this coming new year as well as surprising concepts that will blow your mind — and tastebuds.

Plant-based Meat Substitutes

More and more are investing into meat-free diet and giving veganism a shot. Chefs are embracing ingredients like tofu, tempeh, and quinoa for protein instead of taking it from animal meat.

Food science will also take a major step in making sustainable meat alternatives and bring more ‘meaty’ quality to plant-based burgers. They call it heme.


Tea is becoming more popular than the previous years. Consumption of green tea, matcha and other herbal teas will continue to rise. Tea hubs will continue to flourish which you’ve already seen popping anywhere.


This 2018, lavender, hibiscus, rose and elderflower will take the lead among flowers. There will be a huge demand in food, drinks, and aromatherapy.

Superfood Powders

Timut pepper from Nepal with grapefruit flavor is seen as the next big thing among condiments.

Matcha and turmeric powders are the hype this year and still in 2018. These powders are very in demand in most lattes.

Maca root and cacao are also included in the next year’s superfood powder top list.

Activated charcoal is also starting to get traction because of its detoxifying benefits, not just as a skin product but also a surprising twist in food.

In the coming year, expect to have activated charcoal from pizza crust to non-alcoholic beverages to ice cream.

Root-to-Stem Recipes

To support reduction of food waste, root-to-stem recipes are expected to see more in every menu book.

Less-commonly eaten produce parts – watermelon rinds, broccoli stems, carrot tops, will be valued. Chefs are becoming creative with root-to-stem dishes to cut back on food waste in the process.

Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom – infused beverages like coffee has hit the market and will continue ‘til next year. Four different types of mushrooms – reishi, cordyceps, chaga and lion’s mane, will be the biggest trend in 2018.

Each type has their own health benefits and were packed individually that all you need to do is to pour hot water and consume.

Plant-based Sparkling Water

Tonic waters will have a major makeover next year. These are non-alcoholic beverages with interesting flavors and botanical mixes.

More Spicy Cuisines

Spicy cuisines will hit the market in 2018 in a major way. More spices are to be expected in dishes mostly influenced by middle eatern countries.

Spices like harissa, cardamom, za’atar and shakshuka will flare up your tastebuds.

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