Upcycling, The Latest Food Trend

These past years, the food industry has been focusing on different important aspects in food — culinary strategies, innovative foodservice technologies, and modern marketing.

Furthermore, there was also a huge revolution of turning towards foods from natural and organic sources. Plant-based foods are already proliferating as meat-substitute, and this will continue to win people in the coming years.

But as food preparation innovates, waste from excess and surplus from food and the way it is processed also add up.

Although leftover foods were being utilized for other useful things and new methods have been introduced to prevent spoilage, these leftovers are still substantial.

Lately, food experts extended their passion for food. This time, they’re into sustainable methods of saving food and reducing waste — the industry call this Upcycling of Food.

Upcycled Foods

Upcycled foods are made from ingredients and food scraps — like imperfect potatoes, overly ripe bananas, unsellable apples, and uneaten leftovers — which would have otherwise been thrown as garbage.

This is another way to save resources which begins to look a lot more attractive in most businesses, or in your own home. This is also becoming to look more of an asset and will eventually generate revenue in the next years.

Examples of which are chips from fruit pulp, juices from ‘unqualified’ fruits, bread from mixture of extra baking items , snack bars from spent grain from the beermaking process and many more.

Upcycled food has yet to gain enough popularity to get onto supermaket displays, but chefs in restaurants are already cooking delicious menus using food scraps, many people do not realize that they are already enjoying upcycled foods.

At home, you can start saving veggie scraps and later use them for making broth. You can also save fruit pulp to be candied, or turn them into a skin care product.

Remember that upcycling is an addition to already existing methods of food preservation.  This practice is definitely environment and wallet- friendly.


Examples of Upcycled Foods

Fried Rice

This is the most common recipe done on leftover rice. This is very easy as you will just add chopped vegetables and condiments. Mix them together and fry over heat until set.

Fruits Peels

Usually, you peel your fruits before eating. And these peels usually end up in the garbage can.

So to prevent such waste, plunge them in sugar and they will add a flavor to your cocktail. Or shredding them to your favorite dish will add a little exciting taste.

Or make a flavored water by immersing fruit peel in your bottled water. This is very helpful for children who are bored with plain water.

Unused Veggie Stems or Stalks

Veggie stems and stalks are sometimes not included in your recipes. They are removed and thrown away.

To upcycle, either you pickle them or toss over the grill; both will give better taste.

Carrot Tops

More often than not, their tops are cut and straight into the waste can.

But now, you can use fresh carrots with their tops for a roasted carrot soup.

Papaya Seeds

Now seeds can be repurposed too. Papaya seeds can be blended with its inner flesh. You may enjoy them as a smoothie.

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