Natural Beauty: The Greatest DIY Body/Face Scrub Ever Invented In History

Over my years as a model I amassed a rather large collection of two things.

Cosmetics and bobby pins.

At one point I was giving away $50 bottles of a supposedly exotic hair oil (it turned my hair yellow). Being someone who is naturally inclined I have been making my own beauty products for a number of years – vis-a-vis Flora perfumes. The bobby pins however, still linger with me and are usually found hiding in draws or handbags resisting their final resting place – the rubbish bin.

Below is a recipe for the most simple face scrub you could have. And one of the most inexpensive. Only 3 ingredients. It is oil based so if you’re like me and have skin that can get dryer than the Sahara desert – then this one’s for you.


brownsugarYou’ll need just one small container.

Mix in about 1/2 cup of brown sugar with 1/4 of oil of your choice – you can use slightly less oil if you want. Any oil is good – head straight to the kitchen and grab some olive oil if you want but I use Jojoba. Then just mix in about 2 teaspoons of bi-carb soda which does WONDERS for your skin. I swear.

Use it on your face/body in the shower and you’ll be left with a fresh moisturized body minus the dead skin cells. Every-body wins! ; )

* you can add a very small amount of aromatherapy oils or flower essences if you wish

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