Why Natural Perfume?

Well, in short, because why would you put something bad for you on your skin when you could choose something good for you?

tumblr_mdllyisKku1ql2pkjo1_500Most commercially sold perfumes could literally be deemed as poison. As your skin is the largest organ in your body then you could really do without the mixture of parabens (synthetic preservatives known to interfere with hormone production), phthalates (synthetic preservative that’s carcinogenic and linked to reproductive effects) and other terrible toxins. According to US law, not even all the ingredients need to be labeled on standard fragrances with unlisted ingredients leading to reactions such as allergies and skin rashes.

So can we just agree that maaaybe we’re better of without this disguised poison? Even if it does smell like a fairytale.

Choose a natural perfume that has the benefits of quality natural therapeutic essential oils which have positive effects on our mind and body.

Know what’s in your fragrance, or feel the wrath of man-made toxins.


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